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Haunted Maze Training

Quick Details

This page is to help you learn the information for the corn maze.

Our corn maze will run from October 1 until October 31. Our pricing is based off of weekday or weekend.


Monday through Thursday entrance to the haunted maze is $8 per person. Friday and Saturday entrance into the haunted maze is $10 per person.

Groups are 15 or more people, they must reserve online. Pricing for groups is $5 per person.

On Friday and Saturday night we offer the date night package. This is only on Friday and Saturday nights. It cost $25. Included they get to maze tickets, drinks (soda or hot chocolate), and two s’mores (enough for one each).

We will sell items by the maze such as pumpkins, ornamental pumpkins, hot chocolate, soda, candy, s’mores, and/or bread.


We will not require masks but highly encourage individuals to wear them. The maze is outdoors, however, it can be close quarters for guests entering the maze.


We will have fishing guests and wedding guests that would like to attend the maze that have not booked online. They can go through the maze without a reservation. The idea for booking online is that we can control how many groups show up at one time in order to limit the number of guests. It is not too strict of a rule that we would turn people away for not booking online.

We do not charge for children that are being carried throughout the maze. It is generally two or three years old and younger. Explain that we do not charge for children being carried through.

We do not charge for children that are being carried throughout the maze. It is generally two or three years old and younger. Explain that we do not charge for children being carried through.


To get the maze ready, you will need to plug in the lights by the fish food building that go over the upper picnic area (3extensions-1 to the side of the bldg, a white cord. Two right above the fish food bldg door.

There are also lights, by the north runs Fenceline. (The northwest corner on the side of the maze.) At that spot, there are six extension cords. Plug each cord into a different electrical hook up.

Additional spots may be added. Ask Tarah if there are any additional lights to plug-in. We are still setting up the lights for the parking lot. So those will need to be plugged in when ready. There is one light that gets plugged in where we plug in the orange Christmas tree lights.

We have the fire pit ready every weekday night. Please get the fire started, using the wood stacked near the pit. There is a lighter in the building. Please leave a bucket of water near the fire pit as a safety precaution. At the end of the night, make sure the fire is out before you leave.


On weekends, scheduled groups, or if anyone asks, we set up the outdoor movie theater. The projector and all the equipment can be found in the maze storage shed. The projector goes on the top shelf facing the theater screen, the DVD player goes on the second shelf facing the screen, and the speakers go on the bottom shelf facing the screen. Then plug all cords into the nearby green extension and turn the equipment on.
The yellow cord from the projector goes in to the yellow spot on the DVD player. All the speakers cords are color coordinated and are plugged into the DVD player. At night, place everything nicely into the box andplace the box back into the maze  storage shed.

Your shift starts at 6 PM, that gives you one hour to have everything plugged in and ready to go, including lighting the fire. At 7 PM, the building will bring the iPad and money back up to the maze entrance. The fishing will close at seven.

Guests entering the maze will pay at the building until seven; after seven they will pay at the maze entrance.

We close at 9:30 Monday through Thursday and 10 PM Friday and Saturday. In order to close at this time, you will need to cut off people entering the maze 30 minutes before the scheduled close time. To do so make sure to tell all guests that we close at 9 PM Monday through Thursday and at 9:30 PM Friday and Saturday.

If you have any questions, ask Tarah or a shift manager.