Each year, we have one pond that is designated for schools, scouts, birthday parties, care centers etc. where you can catch pan sized fish for a set price. All group fish must be caught from a designated group pond for discount to apply. If you choose to fish in additional ponds besides the group pond, you will be charged regular price for the whole order of fish. Please verify pond before fishing. Group pond may change from one visit to the next.


  • $4.00 per fish
  • $0.50 per fish to fillet (optional)


Cold Springs Trout Farm 10


  • Chevron down What if I do not know how many kids will come fishing?
  • We would recommend that you guess low, and then we can charge you for the additional fish later on. If you guess too high, it is easy to do an online refund and the additional money will go right back to the card that was charged.

  • Chevron down What do I do if I have to be pre-approved for a budget but I want to schedule a date?
  • We recommend that you book your field trip in the following way: Do not indicate the correct number of people  fishing.  Instead mark either one person fishing ($4.00) or 1 fillet ($0.50) and then in the field that asks for Group name write your Groups name-number of kids expected to come. An example would be: Cold Springs Trout Farm-15 kids.

  • Chevron down Can I have each person pay individually?
  • No, we do not allow parents to pay individually. This is because fish will be left unclaimed when this way is done. We ask that the person in charge collect all payment before hand so that one purchase can be made for the fish.

  • Chevron down What kind of group qualifies for the group discount?
  • The group discount is offered to groups Monday through Friday. We do NOT offer it on Saturdays. A group includes:

    • Scout groups
    • Birthday parties
    • Religious groups
    • School/Pre-school groups
    • After-school programs
    • groups that have reserved the bowery/picnic tables.

    This pond is not meant for individual families coming to fish. We do not have many of these fish to be able to offer this group discount to everyone.

    Group Requirements:

    • Each person may only catch 1 fish
    • All fish must be paid for on one bill.
  • Chevron down Do I reserve online?
  • Yes, all groups must be reserved online. Do so by selecting the chosen date from the calendar above. Select the time you would like to come and click book.

Fishing Hours
(April 1st to October 31st)

Monday through Saturday

9:00am to 8:00pm

No Fishing License Required

Directions from I-15

  • Take exit 349
  • Head east 3.6 miles
  • Turn right on to Fruitland Drive
  • Take a left a half-mile down the road on to Fish Farm Road.
Map Marker

2284 N. Fruitland Dr., North Ogden, UT 84414