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Pond Stocking with Several Trout Varieties, Bass and Bluegill

Currently we stock private ponds with Rainbow, Brook, Brown and Tiger trout, bluegill and Hybrid striped bass. Here is some information that will help you decide which species is best for your pond.

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Rainbow Trout are the most popular fish stocked. They grow fast, adapt to most ponds, and are easily caught. Rainbow trout do best in water between 50-70 degrees

Brown Trout are a favorite of many experienced anglers. They can be hard to catch and they are aggressive towards other fish. Brown trout grow big and have been know to survive in water up to 75 degrees. Their growth is stunted in water under 55 degrees.

Brook Trout are another favorite of fisherman because they are always ready to take a fly. These fish generally do not grow past 20 inches, unless conditions are ideal. Brook trout can be aggressive, but because of their size, this usually is not a problem for your smaller fish. These fish are great for small mountain ponds where the water is clean and cold (below 65 degrees is best).

Tiger Trout are hybrids, formed by crossing Brook trout and Brown trout. These fish are aggressive and fun to catch. They do well in 50-75 degree water.

In an effort to help protect native cutthroat trout, we do offer sterile (triploid) trout in all the species. Email [email protected] for current prices.

If you want to buy live fish there are now only two simple steps to follow! First is to download our 2017 Live Fish Order Form and Newsletter below and fill it out. Once you have that done then you can send it through email to [email protected] or call Neal at 801-710-4905.



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