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Learn our Pricing

Pricing Sheet


This sheet has the fish pricing as well as cost for the fish cleaning processes, bait, and fly fishing.

What it doesn’t cover is:

  • Bowery Pricing
  • East Picnic Area Pricing
  • Table Rental Pricing
  • Group Fishing
  • Wedding Pricing
  • Live Sales Pricing

They are priced as follows:

Bowery Weekday Pricing

  • $400 for 4 hours
  • $800.00 for 8 hours
  • $1200.00 for All day
    • In all instances it costs:
      • $20.00 to rent our 8-burner Propane Gas Grill
      • $5.00 to rent our volleyball for the volleyball court
        • They do not have to rent the items and may bring their own. We only have these rental items in case they are needed during their party.
  • The bowery time frames they can rent are:
    • 8am-12pm
    • 12pm-4pm
    • 4pm-8pm

Bowery Weekend Pricing (weekend Pricing opens 60 days before the date. I.e. 4/1/2024 they can book any weekend date between 4/1 and 5/31. 6/1/24 and later they cannot yet book. ) This will allow weddings sufficient time to book.

School Group fishing

We allow many school groups to fish at a discounted rate. In order to receive this discount: This is applicable Monday through Wednesday between 8 am and 12pm. No other times do we allow group price. Groups that come outside that timeframe must pay regular price.  The upper picnic area can be reserved for them free of charge before 12pm. The bowery does NOT come with it. The East Picnic Area comes included in the School Group Fishing.

  • They must pay for all the fish on the same bill.
  • They can only catch one fish per person
  • The fish will come from a designated pond which will have on average a 8″ fish.

The fish will cost $5.00 per person.

Wedding Pricing

We have adjusted 2024 Pricing. It will no longer be seasonal. It is $2,500/Monday-Thursday or $3,000/Friday or Saturday. It includes the following options free of additional charge:

  • Up to 10- 5′ in diameter lifetime tables
  • Up to 100 lifetime chairs
  • Four Serving tables- (6′ long)
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Curtain Lights, Archway Lights
  • Lanterns, Mason Jar lights
  • S’mores boxes, chafing dish fuel, glass dishes
  • Lawn Games
  • Fish Food Pail
  • Free Parking

Additional items for rent are:

  • Lifetime White chairs (beyond the 100): $1.50/chair (beyond the 100, we have an additional 60 chairs they can rent)
  • White WOOD chairs: $2.50/ chair (these chairs are new, and do not come free. They are this price regardless and we have up to 100 of them)
  • More items on


We can open the gates as early as 9 am and they can stay until 10pm.

They may also rent decorations from us, in order to save time and explanation you may refer them to Tarah at 801-624-0585 or refer them to our website which will list the full list of all the decorations we offer to our guests.

Live Sales Pricing

Please refer all Live Sales to Tylynn at or 801-710-4152. Due to the high volume of calls, it is easier for Tylynn to respond via text message than phone call. (It is important you explain this to the customer.)

Our Live Sale Page is VERY detailed send them their for all pricing and availability questions as well as give them Tylynn’s number.