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All About Pond Stocking

All About Pond Stocking

Here is our recommendations about stocking ponds. We have gathered this information from our experience.
 This is not a one size fits all and you must do your own research to ensure you have the
 best fit for your pond. We do not take responsibility/liability for what you stock into your pond.
 We will simply provide the fish you request.

Stocking Based off of Water Temperature

45-55F 50-60F 60-65F 65-68F
Rainbow Trout

Brook Trout

Brook Trout

Rainbow Trout

Brown Trout

Tiger Trout

Rainbow Trout

Brown Trout

Tiger Trout

Brown Trout

Tiger Trout

Not all ponds have consistent flow or depth to the pond to keep temperature constant year round. In cases of extreme fluctuation leaning towards too warm, the tiger trout is our hardiest trout. If your pond stays cold more often than not, brook trout handle the cold the best. Generally the fastest growing of the trout is the Rainbow Trout.

If your pond is consistently over 70F, we recommend stocking warm water fish into your pond. However, we do not sell warm water fish. We recommend you contact Sunfish Fish Farms at (801) 376-3571.


Pricing and Availability

Size Range
Available as of 3/12/24
Diploid Brook Trout 1-5″ Available $3/fish
6-10″  Waitlist $6/fish
11″+ Waitlist $12/lb.
Diploid Brown 1-5″  Available $3/fish
12″+  Waitlist $12/lb.
Hybrid Tiger Trout 1-5″ Available $3/fish
6-10″ Waitlist $6/fish
12″+ Waitlist $12/lb.
Diploid Rainbow 1-5″ Available $2.50/fish
6-10″ Waitlist $5/fish
12″+  Waitlist $10/lb.
Sterile Rainbow Trout 1-5″  Available $2.50/fish
6-10″ Available $5/fish
12″+ Available $10/lb.
Triploid Yellow 1-5″ Available $3/fish

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

We have a tank that can be rented for those transporting their own fish. Order minimum to rent the tank is $100.

If we deliver, there is a $250 minimum order of fish and a $3/mile one-way delivery charge.

Orders paid by check/cash/bank transfer avoid a 3% processing fee included into the cost of the fish. Prices for check/cash/bank transfer are shown above.

How many fish should you stock in your pond?

Our general rule of thumb is to stock 200-400 fish per surface acreage of pond. If you don’t know the surface acreage try using helpful online tools that can do the work for you!

We recommend 200 if you don’t intend to feed the fish and would like them to eat what is naturally occurring in the pond. We recommend 400 if you are feeding daily.

Our delivery truck can hold 1500 lbs. of fish. If purchasing more than this, you will want to factor in delivery costs increases. If we are delivering smaller fish we can fit a couple thousand plus fish and if we are delivery spawning age fish, then we can deliver a couple hundred fish. Size will determine based off of weight of the fish at time of delivery.

A note about feed:

We feed our fish trout feed made at Skretting. If you would like to order feed with your purchase, we may need your order 3 weeks in advance to get your order shipped with ours. We charge $55/bag of feed if ordered same-day or $45/bag if ordered ahead of time. Bags are 40lbs. If purchasing small powdered feed, rates and bag sizes are subject to change. Feed can also be purchased directly from our supplier by calling Skretting Inc @ 1-800-521-9092.




Stocking Sterile or Reproducing

To know what to put in your pond it is helpful first to review state law. It is required that your pond be screened at the inlet, outlet and be in an off-channel pond, meaning not on a natural stream channel. If these conditions are met, you may receive sterile or non-reproducing trout or hybrid tiger trout without any permit needed.

If you would like to avoid the paperwork then sterile may be the way to go for you!

In some cases, you may get reproducing trout under the same rule! To find out if the exemption to the rule applies to you, use the map below and type in your POND coordinates or address. If you are in the yellow shaded area, then you can screenshot your address, and send an email with your screenshot, and pond address to [email protected]. Then simply forward us this conversation and we can stock reproducing into your pond without a permit.

If you would like reproducing trout and you don’t qualify for an exemption then you will need to fill out a COR permit. 

  • They may need a copy of our health certifications to accompany the application, if so, you can find them linked below.

Stocking reproducing trout can help repopulate your pond, however, you will need to help create a good environment for them to do so.

  • Fish are piscivorous, you will want to give the little fish places to hide from other fish already present in the pond.
  • Brood fish will need gravel beds to push up against to lay their eggs. Preferably at the inlet of the pond. It is best to also have tall grasses and other vegetation to hide the eggs while they are developing; depending on your pond temperature, they can be developing and immobile for about 25-80+ days. (This varies greatly by temperature and species.)

Brought to you by Utah DWR

Order Placement

We will work to get you your fish as soon as your pond is ready! However, if we are delivering your fish, due to limited number of tanks and drivers we can generally get you your fish within two weeks of order placement. If you are picking up your fish, we can provide you a tank and your fish a lot faster. We have a calendar rental schedule for the tank, you can receive a link from Tylynn by texting her at 801-710-4152. Fish can be picked up the same week they are ordered. We do NOT do same day orders and pickups. Fish can be very sensitive to transporting. Due to this, we keep them off feed for 24 hrs. pre-transport. This will help them adjust the best to your pond.

About Each Species

Rainbow Trout are the most popular fish stocked. They grow fast, adapt to most ponds, and are easily caught. Rainbow trout do best in water between 50-70 degrees

Tiger Trout are hybrids, formed by crossing Brook trout and Brown trout. These fish are aggressive and fun to catch. They do well in 50-75 degree water. These fish are very hardy! They are very similar to the browns but easier to catch!

Brown Trout are a favorite of many experienced anglers. They can be hard to catch and they are aggressive towards other fish. Brown trout grow big and have been know to survive in water up to 75 degrees. Their growth is stunted in water under 55 degrees.

Brook Trout are another favorite of fisherman because they are always ready to take a fly. These fish generally do not grow past 20 inches, unless conditions are ideal. Brook trout can be aggressive, but because of their size, this usually is not a problem for your smaller fish. These fish are great for small mountain ponds where the water is clean and cold (below 65 degrees is best).

In an effort to help protect native Utah fish species, we do offer sterile (triploid) trout in all the species.