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We have 7 fishing ponds, 6 of which are our Catch Out Ponds. In these ponds you will catch trout ranging from 6″ up to 30+”.

From $12

We offer up to 5 additional picnic tables for smaller groups. These tables are perfect for, birthday parties, and other small family gatherings, or groups up to 30 people. Come enjoy a picnic, birthday party and more while on our grounds.

Host a party here of 100 or fewer guests! This are is located at the East end of our fishing grounds and provides a stunning view of the fish farm!

Cold Springs Trout Farm is now offering the option of transporting your own fish. Our tank is reservable online for pickup to transport your fish. It is scheduled for 6 or 12 hours. If the tank is returned within the scheduled time, the $100 delivery fee is 100 % refundable. If not returned within the scheduled time, the $100 fee is non-refundable.