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This is a fishing trip for all ages and abilities to enjoy! Our trout range from 6 to 30+ inches and are arranged in ponds with similar sizes.

How it works:

    1. Use our poles (free) or bring your own
    2. Grab a bucket from the building
    3. Scoop some water into your bucket
    4. Start fishing!
    5. Put all fish caught into the bucket
    6. Bring your bucket to the building and we’ll take it from there!

We will clean your catch for free and can fillet them for $0.75 per fish, if you choose. The fish are then bagged-up to be taken home!

Reservations: If you are bringing 12 or more fishermen, or just plan on catching a whole bunch of fish, please make a reservation so we have enough staff ready to handle your catch. Bookings are not limited to the hour selected, but just help us know when you plan to arrive!