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Daily Tasks

You get to work, and how do you decide what to do? Let me walk you through the decision-making process.

The priority is always to ensure that:

  1. Customers/Employees are in a safe environment.
  2. The ponds are clean
  3. Customers are taken care of

Let’s take a deeper look step by step:

Customers/Employees are in a safe environment

Safety is are biggest concern. Please note any unsafe working conditions that could lead to injury either to a customer or employee. For example, this could happen through unsafe use of fishing poles (excessive swinging, etc) that could hook another person or say it is a very windy day and large branches are falling from a tree. Both of these items should be taken care of immediately. Another example, would be dull knives. It is important that we have sharp knives in order to prevent employees from cutting themselves.

The ponds are clean

Clean ponds directly affect fish taste and health. It is very important to us that we provide the best fish for the customers. The first step to achieve this is by cleaning the ponds. The screen at the end of each pond catches moss, sticks, dead fish, garbage, etc. All of this needs to come out at a minimum daily. If the screens have not been done for the day, that will be your next step. Tylynn will indicate if she needs help with cleaning the raceways as well.

To clean a pond:

  1. Get a bucket
  2. Get the brush from the building for the rock ponds where people fish.
  3. Go to each screen and brush out all the objects on the screen
  4. Continue until the grate is completely clean and free of garbage, etc.

Customers are taken care of

Help the customers that are at the building currently and prepare for groups for the day.

Go to the website:

Click on the Manifest tab.

Select the Date you need.

A list of the day’s groups will come up. You can click on each group to gather all information necessary, in order to prepare for the group.

  • For example, if there is a discounted fishing group, make sure their bucket, poles and fish food are ready 5-10 minutes before they show up.
  • If a wedding is coming up within the next, then start doing yard work in the building.

What else?

If all of those are taken care of, what else? C heck out our Notes Tab on the Square Stand. There is a Note called Tasks. It will detail options of what we are working on. Often it includes:

  • Bathrooms need to be cleaned frequently. Ideally, at least once an hour on busy days.
  • Clean the building
    • Rinse the fillet boards, knives, and sinks etc.
  • Yard work
  • Make poles (we always needs backups)
  • I’ve never been “done” working on projects. So if you find yourself, not working on a chore, you will need to talk to either a supervisor and let them know you are available for help on a new project or visit the Tasks section. The answer is never to do nothing.

Daily Chores

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