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This page has been created to help prevent register errors. I will walk us through start to finish what to do with the register.

When you open in the morning

  1. You will turn the register key to on.
  2. Type in your four digit passcode (4152) and hit CLK#

When you close at night

  1. Make sure all money is in the register for the day.
  2. Hit Bait (B), subtotal, and then ca/amt
  3. Put all the money into the moneybag.
  4. Put the quarters, nickels and dimes into the small plastic bag.


Take the moneybag up to the Barker’s house and place it in their black drop box to the left of the garage.

How to correct an error

  1. If you’ve simply hit the wrong item or incorrect amount of an item on the iPad, click the down error. Select the item and either hit remove item or adjust quantity and then hit save.
  2. Tips: if you have 5 fish and have entered them all in, it will show 5 items on the receipt. If you have added 5 fillets on top of that the number will change to 10. Please count the number of fish each time so that you are sure you are doing it correctly.



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